How to pick the perfect fragrance

27 October 2015

Our choice of home fragrance, whether it be for our own rooms or as a gift, is a very personal one. The scent we select has the ability to lift our spirits, change our mood or make us travel in time. In collaboration with expert perfumers Caroline has created a modern and luxuriously refined collection. We asked her about her inspiration and for a few tips to help us choose the perfect scent…

What would you recommend to anyone seeking the perfect fragrance for their home?

It’s helpful to understand the layers of scent (or notes) that make up a fragrance. The top note is your first impression – the scent that catches your attention when you enter a room. The middle note is the most powerful and quickly takes the limelight. Both top and middle notes are given depth by base notes – often a type of wood, musk or amber. The base note must never be neglected as they bring richness and depth. 

What are your favourite types of fragrance?

I love scents that evoke memories. My father was from Switzerland and as a child I spentmany a family holiday there. Our Orange & Cinnamon fragrance takes me back to the cosy and inviting atmosphere of the ski lodges where we stayed. 

I know it’s hard to choose, but which is your favourite fragrance in the new collection?

Pomegranate is my favourite. It works all year round – fruity and exotic in the summer months, and warm and luxurious in winter. The pepperiness of the middle note and the spicy base note have a mellowing effect that leaves the scent deliciously fruity, but very livable for everyday.

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About Caroline Gardner

Caroline Gardner is best known as one of the UK's leading and most prolific accessory, gift and stationery designers.

Her distinctive designs now stretch across various product categories, including paper, accessories and lifestyle, all linked by her design hand print of quirky use of colour and placement.

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