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11 November 2016

Recently the Secret Linen Store asked to interview Caroline for the ‘Meet Molly’ section of their blog.

CLICK HERE to read their article. So, as another inspiring woman in business, we decided to ask Molly a few questions of our own...

Molly from The Secret Linen Store

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How did you start your business?

I have been making bed linen for many years for big high street retailers. I had always dreamed of having my own brand and as soon as Harriet and I were in the right place at the right time the idea became a reality.

What it’s like working with your sister? How well do you work together?

Harriet and I are number 1 and number 3 in a line of 4 girls, we have six years between us and have always got on well, lived together at times and worked together on and off for years. We both have very different skill sets and so we make the perfect business partners. The secret to making it work is to be honest with each other always.

What’s important when choosing a bed linen?

Quality! Always comes first for me, when it’s dark, the pattern is irrelevant! I’m joking a little... I am a designer so the way that your bed looks is incredibly important, but the way that your bed linen feels is so, so important as is choosing a finish that is right for you (we’re all different after all). Always buy the best quality that you can afford... we spend half our time in bed, so why not invest in it.

What’s your evening bedtime routine?

I love bed time. I like to have a few moments before going to sleep to savour the moments of getting into bed and forgetting the day. For me it’s a cup of tea and my book or a podcast. Loads of pillows are a big must too.

Who and what inspires you?

Harriet. She is amazing and can learn and do techy things from an online tutorial that I can only dream of... I’m still learning to use a remote control. I’m inspired by anyone who has passion and can make things happen, it can be an amazing meal or building a house. I am creative and enjoy the company of likeminded creative people like my 9 year old daughter. She can make pretty much anything out of Hama beads.

How do you switch off?

Not easily! I’m not very good at that. It normally involves a glass of wine. I love shopping. Being near to the sea makes me feel calm. If I had more time, I would draw more too.

Before venturing into the bed linen what did you want to be?

A fashion designer. I didn’t feel like it fitted in with the people on my foundation course, so I took the textiles route instead.

Where is your bed linen made?

Beautiful Portugal, by people who care.

Do you have a favourite design?

I do! It’s a new design that is coming next year called Tulips. In our current collection its Tiny Stripe Graphite grey today, but it changes day to day. Our 600 thread count Luxury range is a must for a fitted sheet though.

How would you describe the style?

I have recently changed quite a bit. It’s always been mid-century, but I’m far more minimal now than I used to be. I love classic furniture pieces and low lighting. I love candles and making the house feel cosy as I can.

What advice to do you have for others starting out?

It is HARD! There are lots and lots of ups and downs, and you need to be prepared. Always have a plan, know what you want to achieve and by when. But when things are good, it’s a great feeling and it’s really rewarding to know that people love what you are doing.

What is your bestselling product?

Teasels. We have 3 different colours and more on the way. Everyone loves our Teasels.

CLICK HERE to visit The Secret Linen Store website and shop online.

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