Mum of The Year

29 March 2019
We had many funny, heart warming and very deserving entries for our ‘Mum of The Year’ Mother’s Day competition. To enter all you had to do was give a reason why your mum deserved to be titled our ‘Mum of The Year’ for the chance of winning lots of Mother’s Day goodies including orchestral tickets, flowers and a £250 spending spree with us at Caroline Gardner. We had so many great entries and just had to share some of our favourites and of course the winner.
Congratulations to Emma and her Mum Jolanta, who is a very deserving winner. Emma told us…
My Mum is 63. She's spent the last 4 years looking after my Dad following his stroke. He just got worse and worse until finally we lost him. Now my amazing mum is at a loss of what to do after all these years. I want to thank her, and help her live a fantastic fun filled life once again. I'm in the process of adopting and when asked what type of parent I want to be I said "Exactly like my mother: kind, caring, loving, nurturing, fun and stimulating."
Emma obviously has a very caring an supportive mum and we’re so happy to be able to be involved in giving her an extra special Mother’s Day this year!
There were hundreds of entries that tugged at our heart strings, made us laugh and made us realise how many superhero mums there are out there! We wanted to share some of our shortlist that deserve an honourable mention and help us share the love this Mother’s Day.

My Mum Brenda is an Amazing 88 years young! She is a My Injury Healer, Chocolate Stealer, Dancing Partner and The BEST Mum Ever and I Love Her.

My mum is a nurse, and growing up I have watched her devote her entire life to ensuring her family and patients are as happy, healthy and comfortable, never once putting herself first.
She is my hero and is the person that taught me to respect and love everyone, no matter who they are or what their story happens to be. Being a single mum I could see her struggling to juggle two children and a mentally exhausting full time job as a nurse, and yet she always has a beautiful smile on her face and a sparkle in her eyes.

For teaching me to be a feminist badass.
As a widowed mum from the age of 26- she instilled in me and my sister on how to over come adversity, remain positive, be the best women/role models we can be. She worked 6 jobs and instilled in us a great work ethic. First to go to university in her family and overcome stigma from others etc as she was mixed race in a white community. Her daughters are now a paramedic and policewoman. This gift would let her know how much she is loved, respected and admired. #teammum
She is stylish and quirky wears spots and stripes together, her large wardrobe is a joyous explosion of colour, her hair is white and spiky and the look is finished off with a slick of red lipstick, she always has great advice when your in a quandary, she is Bionic, Iconic, Generous and Kind, no better Mother would you ever find......
Bad hip, bad knee, good heart
She honestly is one of the most beautiful people (inside and out) you could ever hope to meet. She has been through a number of traumatic experiences - the loss of an eye after a horrible accident when she was 9, to having to battle through life as a single parent with very little money. However, this talented, caring and resilient woman never stopped putting me and others around her, first. Even now, she acts as my carer (I have autism) and just takes it all in her stride.
it's my Mother-in-law as my Mum passed in 2007 but she has been a rock since my Mum died and she has been diagnosed with diabetes and heart problems in the last 2 years and still she focuses on others. It's about time she was treated.

Wishing all the wonderful mums out there a very happy Mother’s Day and congratulations again to our winner Jolanta!
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