Don't forget Father’s Day – 17th June

12 June 2018

Well, it’s funny you should ask that, because, conveniently, it’s exactly the subject of this missive, our latest blog entry: Father’s Day – a father’s view.

Mother’s Day is actually firmly rooted in proper history –16th century Christianity to be precise, when parishioners returned to their ‘mother’ church from wherever they might be living. It’s a tradition which doesn’t have much resonance today, so luckily for us it has slowly morphed over the centuries (aided and abetted by us stationery companies of course) into the much loved annual excuse to get all mushy about our mums/ moms.  

And when it comes to the poor relation, Father’s Day? Well, not so much really…

It’s pretty clear that Father’s Day is just a 20th century invention - part crafty marketing (see above re stationery companies) and part ‘if she gets one, perhaps he should too?’ Or at least that’s the cynic’s view.

On the other hand, everyone deserves ‘a day’ (don’t they…?), and if the 16th of June this year is ‘National Fudge Day (yes really), then surely we Dads can own the 17th with impunity.

‘So what did the daddy tomato say to the baby tomato’ you ask?
‘Catch up!’
(of course!)…

Okay, so as jokes go it’s not exactly a side-splitter, but billed as a ‘Dad Joke’? Well clearly it’s a classic!

To my mind, this rather neatly sums up the modern, 21st century Dad role (or should that be roll? [see Dad Jokes above]). It also provides an answer (of sorts) to the question ‘what is father’s day for?’:

  • So we may not be as good at fixing stuff as dads of old (having said that, I like to think I am a dab hand with a hammer), we don’t battle with ferocious wild beasts in order to put food on the table (unless wrestling with the self-checkout in Sainsbury counts?), and our maths skills ceased to be useful homework reference material at some point early on in our children’s year 5. But we know a good one-liner when we see one, we, generally speaking, don’t tend to cause too much fuss (unless unwell), we are (in the main) pretty reliable, and you love us really (and the feeling is [mostly] mutual…).

When all is said and done, who doesn’t appreciate being appreciated...? What better way is there than to receive a note from someone that says so, or dare I say, and if you prefer, a card (see cynic’s view on stationery companies above).

Best of all, we have our very own ‘Day’, and what’s not to like about that…Yay!


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Caroline Gardner is best known as one of the UK's leading and most prolific accessory, gift and stationery designers.

Her distinctive designs now stretch across various product categories, including paper, accessories and lifestyle, all linked by her design hand print of quirky use of colour and placement.

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