Love Stories

13 February 2019

Valentine’s day has long been celebrated by exchanging cards, gifts, dinners out, flowers and poems. Whether it’s a new love story emerging, a husband and wife rejoicing in the number of years spent together, a secret admirer writing an anonymous card or a Galentine’s celebration it’s a great time to appreciate the ones we love. But why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

There are several stories on the origins of Valentine’s Day and who Saint Valentine was. One popular belief is that in the third century AD St Valentine was a priest in Rome. Emperor Claudius II ruled the Roman Empire, Nicked named Claudius the Cruel as he was notorious for getting into wars. He was struggling to recruit soldiers and felt that men did not want to leave their wives and families behind and this was the reason he could not recruit more men and therefore banned all marriages. Valentine didn’t think this was fair so would marry soldiers in secret before they went off to war. When Claudius found out he sentenced Valentine to death. As Valentine awaited execution he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and is said to have written her a sonnet signed ‘from your Valentine’.
Centuries after his death the story of Valentine’s commitment to those in love was still legendary in Rome. Eventually he was granted sainthood and the Catholic Church celebrated in his honour on February 14th.
Here at Caroline Gardner fortunately there are no tales of execution or war, only love. Our founder Caroline and Managing Director Angus Gardner are not only married but also work together. Inspired by their story we wanted to hear more tales of love…
To coincide with Valentine’s Day and the launch of our ‘hearts’ print collection; Love Story, we ran a competition where you could share your own love story to be in with a chance of winning a bundle of CG goodies. It could be; how you met your loved one, a memorable date, a happy moment shared... Be it romantic, heart-breaking or hilarious.
We had some great entries and are excited to share some of our favourites... 


Almost 3 years ago to the day, after a month of putting him off on that dating app, we met. Thinking back meeting a stranger for a walk down the canal wasn’t the smartest of decisions! But we hit it off and decided to head to town for a cup of tea and slice of cake. As I drove us to town, I realised I only had one working contact lens in! Now we always laugh about the fact we’re only together as I couldn’t see him on our first date. And, so they say, the rest is history!


We were 17. We shared 6 months of love. We adored each other, but we were 17. Too many people saying it wouldn’t last. We argued. They were right. 20 years later you found me again. All those wasted years, thinking what would have been? We are so lucky to have been given a 2nd chance at love. Now we don’t argue we talk. I love you so much and I’m so happy I’m with you. Every day you take care of me and love me. Thank you.
My boyfriend (now hubby) was staying over at mine for the first time ...decided to make breakfast in bed for him as I was carrying it I tripped over and tray spilt all over him covering him and my new duvet in bacon and eggs.... he laughed, I cried. 
Single aged 30
Friend suggested a blind date for me
Said NO you're kidding
Might be minging
May think same of you replied with a wink
It's 4th November have a think
So hey ho
Decided to go
In he came recognised instantly
Knew from old didn't like nor him me
Hope that's not my date
Attempting to cover my face
Too late it's my fate
My decision turned out a safe bet
No regret
Learned not to judge a book by it's cover
Get to know one other
As Steve and me
Celebrate this year our 22nd wedding Anniversary
I had been on several agency dates and was reassured that I would eventually be successful and was given another date. I went along to the hotel bar and my date never turned up. I phoned the Agency and they apologised, there had been a computer glitch and my date was myself. I carried on with the date and had a great time. I enjoyed being alone and fell in love with myself. I love being single, independence, freedom, peace, I love it all. I'm even thinking of getting married to myself, it could be the perfect marriage!
Finding Dylan....
After many months and many trips to various rescue centres, I found my beautiful rescue dog - Dylan. He was a stray found wondering the streets so no history and his over all condition was very poor. Something within his character and cheeky face, I knew Dylan was the dog who would join my little family. The sheer joy of teaching him everything was so rewarding. Our journey together has brought many laughs, new experiences but above all a companionship and love I feel blessed to have found.
About Caroline Gardner

Caroline Gardner is best known as one of the UK's leading and most prolific accessory, gift and stationery designers.

Her distinctive designs now stretch across various product categories, including paper, accessories and lifestyle, all linked by her design hand print of quirky use of colour and placement.

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