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08 February 2017

Vicky Silverthorn is an expert when it comes to organisation, so we decided to ask her a few questions about the best way to keep your home or even your life in order!


Vicky Silverthorn, expert in organisation and author of ‘Start with your sock drawer' out now!

How did you start your business?

I knew there was a gap in the market when it came to professional organising and back then (even only 7 years ago) many people couldn’t even believe it could be a full time career. After 10 years of PA’ing it seemed a really good next step as I loved the physical organisation of the home and how happy it made people.

What is the best way to get started when it comes to organisation?

Little by little without a doubt - completing every area you start. The key is to never start an area you can’t complete easily without being overwhelmed.

Why do you think we should start with our sock drawer?

The reason is because it’s a straight forward task that is easy and relatively quick to complete and yet it will still give you satisfaction the next time you go into it. It’s the start of something’s what gives you the positive feeling to make you keep going. Success and the buzz to do more.


Have you always been this organised?

I think I have definitely been through stages in my earlier life. Probably not so much when I was younger but the older I got and the more we moved the more organised I’d become. At one stage I definitely had way too many clothes but I don’t now - in fact I hate having too much of anything!
I craved that feeling of knowing where everything was and feeling organised and over the years I’ve enjoyed decluttering which makes this easier and easier.

What advice would you give to someone who was prone to hoarding things?

I would say to avoid the word decluttering and start thinking about this in a new way. You are making a life choice to live with less and then you drop the questions that actually aren’t always relevant. Suddenly it doesn’t matter if you use it, need it or might in the future. The important question becomes ‘can you live happily without this?’ Also ‘Is your life going to be any worse without this?’

Which room takes the longest to organise?

People underestimate how long it takes to organise - and I mean thoroughly. Not just tidying the surface but culling and methodically putting things back where they should live more practically. Kitchens can be timely as they contain so much. Clothes take a long time and there is a lot of decision making to be done. Paperwork if not done for a while can take a very long time - it can be a very intricate process.

What is the most important benefit of being more organised?

There are so many benefits...

  • You are adding e ciency to your daily routine
  • Your home will feel more streamlined
  • Decrease stress and anxiety
  • Creates less choice which can mean a simpler life
  • Increase productivity
  • Enormous positive e ects on your wellbeing
  • Money saving
  • More head space

With all of these things I believe whatever it is you embark on you can increase your chances of success dramatically.

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What items should people invest in if they would like to be more organised?

I would always suggest to do the declutter before you buy anything. One of the mistakes people make is to go out and buy a load of storage and then use it for the sake of it or try and find things to put in it.
e process should be...

  1. Declutter
  2. Work out what you need storage wise
  3. Buy it and implement it
How do you learn to be ruthless when it comes to getting rid of clutter?

Letting go is definitely a feeling many need to get used to. You need to try it and start small. When you pass on belongings and recognise the feeling that you are still ‘ok’ then this is the start.
Also that the worst thing that could happen if these items leave your life is that perhaps one day (but probably not) you will say ‘oh I wish I didn’t get rid of that’. That is it - a fleeting thought. NO physical detriment. You will still be fine and it will cause no difference to your everyday life. This sounds dramatic but it’s very true. People often feel a little uncomfortable or anxious when parting with their things even if they never make use of them anyway. Also if you aren’t using something and it is sitting in an area of your home unloved then surely passing it on for someone else to actually make use and enjoy of is a good feeling to have.

Is it better to de-clutter in stages or to blitz the whole house in one go?

I think it depends on your lifestyle and whether you are going it alone but I would say for the majority of people I know and if you are time poor (I don’t know many who aren’t!) and get overwhelmed or bored easily then you must stick to the little by little rule. Start - Work on it - Complete. Only then will you get the buzz which gives you the energy to continue the good work!

Read more about Vicky on her website HERE.  Or to  order a copy of Vicky’s book ‘Start With Your Sock Drawer’ published by Little Brown click HERE.

Vicky is visiting our Marylebone store later this month, if you would like to join us then email your name to to get yourself on the list!

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UPDATE - 2nd March

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