We’ve created the Forever Card because we believe that sending a card is a simple gesture that we should do frequently and joyfully, whether it’s a special occasion or just because. This card is designed to be re-used, so there’s absolutely no reason to hold back from letting someone know you’re thinking of them, just pop in a new message. Send this Forever Card off into the world, spreading the joy of friendship as it goes…

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*please allow up to 28 days for delivery. Avaliable for UK residents only.





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How to use your FREE Forever Card...


4 Steps to...

...sending a Forever Card

1. Sign up for your FREE Forever card below by completing the form below.
2. When your card arrives write a thoughtful message and insert into the messageholder slots. 
3. On the back you can track the cards journey by colouring a heart, why not include the date or your initals too.
4. Address your envelope and attach a stamp. Post it!

...receiving a Forever Card

1. When you receive your Forever card enjoy it and when you're done be sure to keep the message inside.
2. Send it on to the next recipient by replacing the message with a handwritten note of your own.
3. Download and print a new patterned envelope for the card on the Caroline Gardner website
4. On the back of the card, colour in the next heart to track its journey
5. Address the envelope, attach a stamp and post it.

The process repeats for the next recipient. And so on, and so on…

I've received a Forever Card from a friend

Need an envelope?

We provide a choice of  lovely patterned templates that you can cut out, fold up and stick together to make a perfect sized envelope for your Forever Card.


Need an insert?

You can cut any small piece of paper to fit inside your Forever Card, but if you'd like to print a template and get the size exact, download it here. 

About Caroline Gardner

Caroline Gardner is best known as one of the UK's leading and most prolific accessory, gift and stationery designers.

Her distinctive designs now stretch across various product categories, including paper, accessories and lifestyle, all linked by her design hand print of quirky use of colour and placement.

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